You’ll be able to fly in Central Europe with MSFS’s July update

July 24, 2023
msfs july update

Good news for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans everywhere. A new iteration of the game was announced last month, suggestively called Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. But until then, you should know that some very exciting things are coming up in the Simulator.

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In the World Update 14, which is set to be out tomorrow, on July 25th, 2023, you’ll be able to fly all over Central Europe for the first time. Actually, the whole update will focus on this region and places such as Czechia (Czech Republic), Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia are finally making their way into the Simulator.

The update will also include new DEM data, new aerial imagery, 103 updated landmarks (made by Gaya Simulations) and cities, and new six hand-crafted airports. You should also expect a new Local Legend, which will be the Aero Vodochody AE-45 / AE-145. The aircraft was made by Aeroplane Heaven, and apparently, they had to learn Czechoslovakian to build the aircraft for the simulator.

You’ll be able to fly over Prague, Budapest, and the other Central European Capitals as this update brings them into the sim for the first time. While there isn’t any confirmation of the next regions that will come to Microsoft Simulator, a lot of users are already curious about the next ones. Africa and South America seem to be the regions most wanted so far by the community.

What do you think? Which region would you like to see in the next World Update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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