Mozo teases new Surface sleeves


19, 2016


Mozo today teased a new line of “premium” sleeves for Microsoft’s Surface devices on its Facebook page. The company has been making custom covers for Lumia devices for a while now, and now it’s also going to sell premium sleeves for Surface devices. If you have a Surface device, you will soon be able to buy Mozo’s premium sleeves for your Surface to give it a unique look. On its Facebook page, the company stated:

New week has started, new adventures to be explored! Mozo extends the premium line with the sleeves, specifically designed for Surface products (and also a great fit for the range of devices) – soon at the webshop! Don’t miss it!

For now, there isn’t any word on when exactly these sleeves will be released, or how much they will cost. However, we will let you know when we have more information about the company’s upcoming products. In the meantime, let us know if you would be picking up a Mozo Surface sleeve for your Surface in the comment section below.

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