Mozo cover for Lumia 950 unboxed and reviewed

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL‘s greatest weakness is the back of the device, which for a black slab is the main design feature and the main place where the Microsoft Mobile design team fell down.

In theory that is corrected by the fact that the case is replaceable, with high end replacement backs by Mozo being a pretty good substitute.

YouTuber D Falcon has put this to test by ordering and reviewing the 48.50 Euro Mozo brown leather cover, which I think would be most people’s favourite (its currently sold out).  The case supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging, and according to Falcon fits snugly and does upgrade the look of the device, though the leather could be a bit more premium and I think the “metal” band is visibly not metal.

Will our readers be ordering a Mozo case or will you make do with Microsoft’s plastic back? Let us know below.