Movies Anywhere is coming to Microsoft Movies and TV


2, 2018

Microsoft is plugging an issue with its Movies and TV Service this year as it prepares to launch Movies Anywhere compatibility this year.

While Microsoft has been rumoured to be in talks to join this service, a new video has now (heh)surfaced which shows off the Movies Anywhere service with the inclusion of the Microsoft Store as one of the supported services.

Obviously, the service has yet to launch, but once it does, it should be relatively easy to set up.
Movies and TV is a useful app for Windows 10 PCs, it is one of the only apps on Windows that allows users to download films and tv shows for playback offline or in spotty connectivity, unlike Amazon and Google Play which remain online only.
With Movies Anywhere, users would not have to care where they purchase their movies as it would be synced between all services. This allows you to say purchase a movie on your Android Phone with Google Play, and go to your Movies and TV Library to find it waiting for you.
Movies Anywhere support is one of the few features that the Microsoft Movies app was missing, and its inclusion will reduce at least one barrier to entry for discerning users.
Movies Anywhere is available only in the US at this time.

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