More on Windows Mobile 6.5 widgets

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We broke the Windows Mobile 6.5 widget story a few weeks ago, and now bring more news about this interesting feature coming to our smartphones.

The Windows Mobile Team has published some more information on the widgets, which will apparently conform to the emerging W3C standard for mobile widget applications .  To achieve this some changes had to be made, such as updates to transparent PNGs support as well as support for the Window.XMLHttpRequest object.

Additionally, because widgets are just web pages, not only will they support HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, but also full access to flash and other ActiveX controls available on the device (like the Windows Media Player control).

The widgets will also however be fully fledged Windows Mobile applications, with their own icon in the start menu, an entry in the task manager and full control over their soft keys.

The Windows Mobile team will talk more about widgets at a TechDays session in April and TechEd 2009.