More details about the Lumia 1520V



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Last time WPBar leaked some info about Lumia 1520V(Lumia 1520 Mini),and now they have even more details about the device.

This time the image is slightly clearer, and unfortunately with it the 1080P screen has also disappeared.

The known specs now include:

  • First Lumia 1520v is short for Lumia 1520 Viisi
  • Lumia 1520V is a wxvga device(1280*768)
  • the battery is 2370mah
  • Lumia 1520v is 4.45 inch large
  • Lumia 1520V has six small live tiles( WPBar is very sure about it)

WPBar says they will report more about Lumia 1520V in next 2 weeks.

What do our readers think about what is looking like a minor upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 920/925? Let us know below.


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