Microsoft’s first ‘Moment’ update for Windows 11 22H2 is officially rolling out

November 9, 2022

Users who already have the Windows 11 22H2 Update can now expect a new set of features, thanks to Microsoft’s first “Moment 1” feature drop update. It includes features first tested by Insiders in the past months, such as the new Suggested Actions menu. Now that they are on the official rollout, you should expect to receive the update automatically in the coming weeks.

Microsoft is desperately promoting its latest Windows operating system, and one of its ways to make it more attractive is its promise to release updates and new features for it continuously. That said, here comes what Microsoft describes as a Moment update, which will deliver the additional features that didn’t make it to the initial Windows 11 2022 Update release.

The first of the things to get from this Moment update is an improved File Explorer. Aside from the addition of the tabs that we’ve reported repeatedly before, which allows you to use the app like a browser capable of opening multiple tabs, there are interface changes introduced in this update. Specifically, the company only made some rearrangements in the placement of some sidebar options in the File Explorer, putting the home page and OneDrive at the top. It also offers the “Pin to quick access” option now, allowing easy access to your specific folders and files when opening File Explorer.

This Moment update also includes the Suggested Actions feature that will give you different options when you copy a number or a date. And speaking of options, Microsoft has finally returned the Task Manager option when you right-click on the taskbar. In relation to that, the taskbar should now let you use the overflow menu, which will make the space cleaner when you open a bunch of apps.

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