Minesweeper Deluxe : the classic revisited !

The classic minesweeper revisited ! This a polished version of minesweeper for Windows phone. Currently the best rated one among the minesweepers. (4.52 out of 19 reviews in the us)

This version features a smooth colorful interface for the (probably) most popular game ever !

Very simple yet addictive, it will challenge your brain and memory skills. All you have to do is to clear the minefield while avoiding the mines. The digit on a square indicates how many mines are contained in adjacent squares.

You can add a flag by either by selecting the tool or holding your finger on it.

The app features:

  • Cool design and smooth animations
  • Five difficulties levels
  • Highscores
  • Save and continue your game any time
  • Nice little fireworks when you win

This is only the first version so many new features are coming soon !

MineSweeper Deluxe is free and  can be downloaded from Marketplace here.