Nvidia’s upcoming improved version of the popular creation survival Minecraft, Minecraft RTX, will be aiming for 1080p 60fps on a 2060.

The upcoming update on the new Dragon Engine aims to bring a number of graphical improvements to the popular title.

First and foremost, the improved version of the game aims to include impressive ray-traced effects. Alongside ray-traced reflections and realistic shadows, the title will also include better refractions and inappropriate shadows.

With the title receiving the all-important graphical boost next year, just in time for the ray-tracing-able next-gen consoles, Minecraft players will have to wait a while. Of course, for those who can run the title, it should be well worth it.

With Minecraft having such a large amount of RTX features, Mojang’s aim for a solid 60fps framerate is commendable. With the Nvidia GTA 2060 being the lowest powered version of their RTX line, it’s certainly a good target to have.