Despite Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment definitely working on their Harry Potter RPG game, it is taking the publisher a long time to admit it. Thankfully, for those wishing to get their wizarding on, Minecraft modders Floo Network are working to bring you into a more cubic version of Hogwarts.

Shown off through an in-depth YouTube video, the modding group showed their incredible attention to detail in recreating the world of Harry Potter. The Minecraft recreation isn’t limited to just Hogwarts; every main location from the original stories are in playable form.

In the Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, players can explore and learn through Hogwarts, trade in Diagon Alley, complete quests and explore iconic locations throughout the Wizarding World.

Built entirely within the original vanilla Minecraft, Floo Network announced that that the impressive map should be released before the end of the month. For now, the title is only playable to the team’s Patreon supporters.

Until we find out more about Warner Bros’ Harry Potter RPG, the Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry appears to be one of the best versions of this amazing franchise yet. While the impressiveness of this mod is appropriately stupifying us, we’re extremely excited to try it out.