Minecraft to gain new game modes on consoles




Microsoft is working on brand new game modes for the console versions of Minecraft, and the first of them is called Battle. According to IGN, each one of these game modes will be based off popular community activities.

Battle is based off one of the most popular game modes on PC Minecraft servers, Hunger Games, and focuses on fast paced multiplayer action. Up to eight players can join in on the fun, too. The game starts off by spawning players in one of three different maps, each player facing towards chests with items they’ll need. As soon as players are given the green light to go, they’ll need to rush.

Each chest contains randomized items to help whoever finds them, and they’ll definitely give you an early advantage over other players. However, the chests will fill up again with new items as the game goes on, so not all is lost if you miss out on them.

Each round is about five minutes long, and it seems the maps are designed for that. Each map is designed to have just enough space to hide in, but not enough that you’ll lose the other players for a long time. While this is a free update and comes with three free maps, more maps will become available for $2.99 each.

Battle supports its own matchmaking system to play it with other players online, but four player split-screen is also an option.  More game modes like this are planned to come to Minecraft as time goes on, and we’re excited to see what they are.

You can purchase Minecraft on the Xbox One store here.

Do you play Minecraft on consoles, or do you have some kids that do? Are you excited for Battle mode?

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