Minecraft is coming to Xbox One X as a native 4K title

June 11, 2017

We exclusively reported that Microsoft is bringing Minecraft’s Windows 10 edition to the Xbox One for the new Xbox One X. Today at E3, Microsoft officially announced that it’s bringing Minecraft to the Xbox One X as a native 4K title. The game will include all the features from the Windows 10 edition, but it will be a 4K title which means it should look much better than the old Xbox One game.

You may wonder why one would play Minecraft in 4K, right? Well, Microsoft is introducing a new Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft that will completely change how Minecraft looks and that should make Minecraft look gorgeous on the Xbox One S in native 4K.

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The new Minecraft will also be available to the older Xbox One consoles, including the original Xbox One and Xbox One S. The game comes out this fall on the Xbox One.

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