Minecraft Bedrock implements Emotes and Achievement Rewards

by Ash
June 25, 2020
minecraft bedrock emotes

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Along with the recent Nether Update, Minecraft Bedrock has also received two new features in the form of Emotes and Achievement Rewards.

As per the official Minecraft blog, Minecraft Bedrock players can now earn up to a total of 28 rewards just by playing Minecraft. The Achievement Rewards are acquired by completing certain tasks, such as fetching wood or popping over to the Nether, and consist of 25 persona items and 3 special emotes.

All Minecraft Bedrock players will receive three basic emotes – waving, pointing, and clapping – in order to let them communicate with other players in a manner that’s slightly more confusing than just typing. Sadly, there’s no default dance emote.

Players can also unlock three more emotes – The Hammer, The Pickaxe, and Diamonds To You – by completing three Achievement Rewards. The respective achievements in question involve smelting an iron ingot, discovering 17 biomes, and throwing diamonds at another player.

For those who prefer waving wildly to just typing out how you’re feeling, premium emotes will also be available in the Minecraft Marketplace as of July 7th, 2020.

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