Midseason premiere of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ now available in the Windows Store

Fear the Walking Dead

“Fear the Walking Dead,” the prequel spinoff of AMC’s hit “The Walking Dead,” returns after its midseason hiatus with Madison and Travis facing new dangers after the destruction of their safe haven, dividing their families divided and putting them in harm’s way as the hordes of the dead grow by the day. It is now available on Windows Store. You can catch up on past episodes and watch the midseason premiere in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.

About episodes,

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD centers on a blended family’s fight for survival as they traverse a burning, devastated, and dead Los Angeles, now headed out to sea aboard the Abigail. The group is unaware of the true breadth of the apocalypse that surrounds them; they assume there still a chance that some city, state, or nation might be unaffected, some place where Infection has not hit. Madison, Travis, and Daniel gather their grieving families, abandon land, and board Strand’s boat, the Abigail, for ports unknown, but the respite of Strand’s ocean-side home is short-lived. As Operation Cobalt goes into full effect, the military bombs the Southland to cleanse it of Infected, driving the Dead toward the sea. Our heroes soon discover that the water may be no safer than land.

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