Microsoft’s Teams service already being used by 30 thousand organisations actively

January 30, 2017

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Late last year, Microsoft introduced a major new service for Office 365 known as Microsoft Teams. Teams is Microsoft’s take on Slack, a modern communication tool for teams that integrates strongly with Microsoft’s other services such as Word, OneDrive, and Skype. Today, in a blog post, Microsoft’s Kirk Koenigsbauer shared the progress on Teams. According to the company, 30 thousand organizations across 145 markets and 19 languages have been actively using Microsoft Teams for the last month. Kirk stated:

Microsoft Teams has picked up momentum since its launch last November. In the last month alone, 30,000 organizations across 145 markets and 19 languages have actively used Microsoft Teams.

Kirk later mentioned that the company is still on track to bringing Microsoft Teams to General Availablity thanks to feedback from their existing customers:

We’re especially inspired by this early usage. Not only does it show that the product fills a real market need, but it gives us a ton of information to help shape the product leading up to General Availability, which is still on track for this current quarter, Q1 2017. Our customers have been a great guide as we’ve delivered numerous features into the product even since the preview launched—including built-in audio calling on mobile and named group chats, an easy way to keep track of the context of a conversation.

Microsoft Teams seems to be doing pretty well for Microsoft, Office 365 and Microsoft’s own customers. Microsoft will likely release Teams on General Availablity sometime soon, which is when we’ll get to know how many organizations are actually interested in trying this service out.

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