Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard for Android update adds support for 17 new languages and more

by Rahul
March 13, 2020

Microsoft pushed an update to its SwiftKey keyboard app on Android. Taking the app to Version, the update adds support for as much as 17 languages. Add to that, it also brings improvements to the performance and prediction quality to the Japanese keyboard. You can see the official changelog below.


  • We’ve made a number of improvements to performance and prediction quality when typing in Japanese.
  • You can now type in the following languages: Araona, Cavineña, Chácobo, Chamacoco, Chipaya, Chiquitano, Eastern Bolivian Guaraní, Ese Ejja, Guarayu, Ignaciano, Maka, Sirionó, Tacana, Trinitario, Tsimané, and Yuracare.

Microsoft recently rolled out Dark Theme support and redesigned Settings to the SwiftKey app on Android.

Microsoft’s keyboard is one of the popular keyboard apps for Android smartphones. Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard recently crossed 500 million installations on Google Play Store. For the sake of comparison, Google’s Gboard app is installed on more than 1 billion Android smartphones. That said, Gboard comes pre-installed with every Android smartphone, but that’s not the case with SwiftKey, and hence the striking difference.

You can download and install SwiftKey Keyboard app on your Android smartphone from this link, or you can head over to Google Play Store and search for the app.

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