Microsoft’s Q2 2019 earnings: The Windows Pro party is over

Microsoft has released their earnings report for the Q2 of their 2019 fiscal year (as distinct from the calendar year).

It seems the good times of Windows enterprise growth is over, as for the first time in 5 quarters Windows OEM Pro revenue declined 2%. This was roughly in-line with the commercial PC market, suggesting economic concerns is starting to affect the  IT department.

In the consumer market, Windows OEM non-Pro declined 11%, below the consumer PC market with continued pressure in the entry-level category. This could be either due to lower revenue from low-cost PCs or competition from Chromebooks.

Windows Commercial products and cloud services revenue grew 13% (up 14% CC) with continued customer adoption of premium offerings.

Overall Windows OEM revenue declined 5%. Fortunately, overall More Personal  Computing division revenue was a massive $12.99 billion, increased 7% YoY, rescued by Gaming and Surface.

Read the full results here.