Microsoft’s plans to unify Windows Phone and Windows 8 store in “next version” of both operating systems confirmed



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imageIts not final until Microsoft announced it, but the Verge added further confirmation to the long-running rumour that Microsoft is planning to unify the Windows Phone and Windows Store.

According to their sources Terry Myerson, head of the operating systems group, confirmed the move in an internal company meeting attended by thousands of Microsoft employees.

The unified store is said to launch with “the next release of Windows Phone and Windows”, believed to be Windows Phone 8.1 and an updated version of Windows 8.1, due in Spring 2014.

Unfortunately no details were revealed, so we do not know if Windows Phone apps will run on Windows 8 or vice versa. but previous rumours have suggested this will be the case.

Despite the slow growth of both Windows Phone and Windows 8, there is expected to be several hundred million of both users by Spring next year, which should hopefully prove to be a large enough attraction to developers to cause a real influx of much needed applications.

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