Microsoft has released a new Office Build for Office Insiders on macOS. The new Build 200122 brings a new feature to Outlook alongside several important bug fixes and improvements. You can read the official changelog below.



New feature

Mail: An updated and refreshed header for email messages!

Bug fixes

  • Overall: improved stability and performance
  • Overall: Outlook main window size can now be made smaller than before
  • Calendar: Improved keyboard navigation within the Calendar module
  • Calendar: Fixed bugs in the event compose form – location field to allow user-input custom locations to be saved correctly
  • Calendar: Fixed bugs in the event compose recurrence editor
  • Calendar: Timezone labels no longer disappear when start or end times are changed when creating events
  • Calendar: Fix for correctly showing locations when in the scheduling assistant
  • Compose: Improvements to compose header scrolling
  • Message List : Fix for missing group headers when the message list is in a filtered view
  • Person Card: Fix for the person card not showing up in certain scenarios
  • Groups: Clicking on a group will now show the correct group card

Known issues

No known issues

Source: Microsoft