Microsoft’s new technology will save disk space and reduce download sizes on Xbox One

September 15, 2017

In order to improve the Xbox game download and storage experience, Xbox team at Microsoft has come up with a new tech solution which they internally call it as Intelligent Delivery. The basic aim of Intelligent Delivery system is to reduce hard drive space of games and reduce download bandwidths.

Microsoft is trying to achieve this by only downloading required files that are needed to run the game on specific setup. For example, if a gamer is trying to download a game on an Xbox One which is connected to a HD TV, downloading 4K assets of that game are unnecessary. Similarly, if the gamer prefers English language, downloading other language assets of the game will also become unnecessary. Microsoft’s Intelligent Delivery system will take care of all these and download only the files that are absolutely needed for that user. This reduces download time, install time and hard disk space.

Apart from this, Microsoft is also planning to allow developers to divide their game into components. This will allow gamers to download a specific part of the game when needed. For example, if a gamer is interested in single-player part of the game, he or she can download only that part instead of downloading the full game which will include multiplayer part. However, whenever needed, gamers will be able to download and install any part of the game later on.

When installing a huge game which comes in two physical discs, gamers are now forced to insert both their discs and install the game fully before they start their game. With Microsoft’s new system, gamers can keep all the essential data in first disc and allow gamers to start playing the game. When needed, users will be required to insert the other disc to install various other parts of the game.

To make this possible, game developers have to optimize their games for Microsoft’s new system. It is also much needed for the consumers as the game sizes are becoming really huge with 4K updates. Millions of consumers running Xbox One console on HD TVs will benefit from these improvements.

What do you think of this new system from Xbox Core Engineering team?

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