Microsoft’s new Azure Data Share service enables data sharing across organizations

Microsoft today announced the preview of Azure Data Share, a new cloud service that enables data sharing across organizations. Since Azure Data Share is a fully managed service, organizations need not maintain any infrastructure and it can scale automatically based on the demand. Data can be shared easily from Azure Portal and admins can also schedule the service to automatically share new or changed data pertaining to specific datasets, as well as stop future update.

Azure Data Share enables Data Providers to:

  • Share data from Azure Storage and Azure Data Lake Store with customers and partners outside of your organization
  • Keep track of who you have shared your data with
  • How frequently your data consumers are receiving updates to your data
  • Allow your customers to pull the latest version of your data as needed, or allow them to automatically receive incremental changes to your data at an interval defined by you

Azure Data Share enables Data Consumers to:

  • View a description of the type of data being shared
  • View terms of use for the data
  • Accept or reject an Azure Data Share invitation
  • Trigger a full or incremental snapshot of a Data Share that an organization has shared with you
  • Subscribe to a Data Share to receive the latest copy of the data through incremental snapshot copy
  • Accept data shared with you into an Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Gen2 account

Learn more about this announcement from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft