Microsoft customers have been reportedly been experiencing widespread Multifactor Authentication (MFA) issues since 10 am. ET today.

Similar to the two separate incidents that occurred back in 2018; users were unable to sign in or even access any Office 365 apps or services.

When the problem came to Microsoft’s attention, the company posted the following notice on its Azure status page:

We’re investigating issues where users may be unable to access the admin center when using MFA. We’ll provide an update shortly.

The initial post was sent out at 10:45 am on Twitter, with subsequent updates at 11:15, 11:20, 11:30, 11:40 am, 12:20 pm and finally 3 pm.

The penultimate update revealed that the outage began at 9:30 am ET and the final update confirmed that the issue was successfully resolved at 12:50 p.m ET.

The root cause hasn’t yet been determined, but engineers are currently investigating this.

At this point, we are investigating potential root causes including but not limited to config changes, recent patches and networking issues, but we have not isolated any root cause or mitigation yet.

Within the next few days, a root-cause analysis will be ready for release to the public.

Source: ZDNet