In an effort to completely revamp its product icons, back in December, Microsoft announced it’d start redesigning over 100 Windows product icons. The company has since then been working towards revamping the Windows icons. And now, it appears that the company quite close to releasing them to the general public.

According to a Reddit user u/MSFTBear, Microsoft has started to push the redesigned product icons on Windows 10 taskbar. These redesigned icons are based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design System and at present, they now appear only on the taskbar.

Unfortunately, these icons are available only for Windows Insiders that are running the latest Insider Build. What is even worse is that Microsoft didn’t push all the modern icons at one go. For instance, the Windows Start logo remains unchanged. But in all likelihood, all the modern icons will be available for Windows Insiders within a week or two.

Microsoft is likely to receive feedback about these new modern icons from Insiders and might also make a few minor changes here and there based on the feedback. And lastly, the company will push these icons to general users.

However, it’s not clear whether Microsoft’s modern icons will be available for users running Windows 10 19H2 Update or older. For now, we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to make an official announcement regarding the shipping of these modern icons to know whether they will be available to all Windows 10 users.

What do our readers think about these modern Windows icons? Pick your favorite(s) and let us know in the comments below.

via ALumia