Microsoft’s LinkedIn announces several new safety features

September 29, 2020
LinkedIn Safety

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LinkedIn Safety

LinkedIn today announced several new safety-focused features. You can read about them below.

Information on reported content:

LinkedIn already allows users to report content. With the new update, all members in the U.S., France and Canada who report content or have content they share removed will get a notification with more information. LinkedIn will bring this feature to more countries in the coming weeks, and to all users globally by the end of the year.


kindness reminder

LinkedIn recently updated its Professional Community Policies. To re-enforce this, LinkedIn will display a short message about the respectful and professional place that LinkedIn strives to be the next time you log in.

Preventing inappropriate content:

LinkedIn will now display a warning at the top of a message that may include harassing content.

These warnings let you decide if you’d like to report the content, signalling to us that it’s an unwanted message, and allow us to take appropriate action against the sender.

content warning

You can check out the new landing page for LinkedIn’s updated policies and helpful links.

Source: LinkedIn

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