Microsoft’s Internal Goal Is To Sell About 100 Million Windows Phones In 2012

We have got some information on what’s going in Windows Phone team at Microsoft. First of all, Microsoft has set an internal goal to sell about 100 million Windows Phone devices in 2012, which is pretty ambitious. Even the network operators around the world are expecting Windows Phone to make 30% of the smartphone marketshare in 2012. This goal can be attained only if Nokia scale up their Windows Phone production with various models around the world.

Another information we received is around the support of dual core processors in Windows Phones. Even though Microsoft had time to deliver support for multiple cores in Windows Phone Mango, they didn’t deliver it because of the Nokia partnership. As Nokia was new to Qualcomm chip world, Microsoft thought it can’t ship its first dual core smartphones in fall 2011 as planned by the partnership. Microsoft wanted Nokia to have the “first to the market” advantage when it comes to Windows Phones because of its exclusive partnership. Samsung and HTC would have definitely shipped a dual core Windows Phone device this fall if Microsoft supported them since they are already selling multiple dual core smartphones using other platforms.

One thing for sure, Microsoft and Nokia is planning a huge 2012 for Windows Phones. Hope everything goes by plan ! !

Thanks to Steve for the info ! !