Microsoft’s customer service partner for Lumia releases official app

December 23, 2016

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B2X, the official global customer service partner for Microsoft’s Lumia devices and feature phones recently released an official app for Windows Phone devices. The company’s new app isn’t a UWP app — instead, it’s a classic Windows Phone 8.1 app which makes a lot of sense. That’s because more than 70% of Windows Phone users are still running Windows Phone 8.1, while only 16% of users are running Windows 10 Mobile.

Let’s talk about the app itself: it’s basically a central hub to check if all the components of your phone are working fine and keep track of a device that’s being repaired. For instance, you can run a test within the app which checks the battery life of your device. Here’s a full list of features:

  • Diagnose your Lumia phone’s hardware and software
  • Chat with a B2X support agent for immediate help
  • Request a callback from a B2X support agent
  • Find the nearest service point
  • Get all Lumia device information at a glance
  • Analyse your Lumia’s battery health status
  • Check your Lumia’s warranty status
  • Keep track of your repair status

If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, you can get B2X’s Windows Phone app from the link below.

Developer: B2X
Price: Free

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