Microsoft will be the opening act got the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month. 

Commencing on September 24th, Japan’s annual video games convention will feature a huge collection of developers and publishers that will be unveiling upcoming games for audiences worldwide.

With the release of the official Tokyo Game Show schedule, it was revealed that the show will be opened by a 50-minute showcase by Microsoft Japan, presumably trying for a fourth time to sell the country a new next-gen console.

Microsoft is the only console manufacturer to attend the Tokyo Game Show this year. According to the schedule both Nintendo and Sony are both missing from the released schedule. With both company’s abstaining from E3 in support of their own announcement processes, it’s far from surprising.

Microsoft has been attempting to increase their extremely poor standing in Japan for years. With Xbox boss Phil Spencer claiming that he believes the company’s reputation in Japan isn’t “acceptable”, it makes sense that the company would still attempt to push through Japan’s annual trade show.