Microsoft working to make PWAs auto-run at start-up


9, 2020

Microsoft has been working to make Progressive Web Apps more like native apps, including for example adding them to the start menu, and allow users to uninstall them the usual Windows tools.

Now in their latest move, they plan to allow these apps to auto-run on start-up of your PC.

The option, which is being added to Microsoft’s version of Chromium, will be offered on installation of the PWA. Microsoft is still debating whether it will be ticked by default on not.

The auto-running apps will be added to the usual locations eg. the registry and the start-up folder, which can be accessed by the Windows Task Manager.

Despite Microsoft’s efforts, I believe we have seen very few worthwhile PWAs yet, with Twitter likely the lone exception.

What do our readers think of this move? Let us know below.

Via Techdows

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