Microsoft will soon allow developers to create custom scenes for Together mode in Teams meetings

May 25, 2021
Microsoft Teams Custom Scenes

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Microsoft Teams Custom Scenes

At Inspire conference in 2020, Microsoft announced a new way for partners to extend the Microsoft Teams meeting experience with their apps and services. Developers and independent software vendors can bring their apps directly within the Teams meeting experience as a new tab in Teams meetings, as well as new side panel and real-time notification capabilities.

At Build 2021, Microsoft today announced new features for Microsoft Teams apps for meetings. Developers can now create custom scenes for Together mode, get access to the main stage in a Teams meeting and more.

You can find the full list of features below.

  • Shared stage integration, in preview, provides developers with new access to the main stage in a Teams meeting through a simple configuration in their app manifest. This provides a new surface to enable real-time, multiuser collaboration experiences for their meetings apps, such as whiteboarding, design, project boards and more.
  • New meeting event APIs, in preview, enable the automation of meeting related workflows through events, such as meeting start and end, with many more planned for later this year.
  • Together mode extensibility, coming soon, empowers developers to create custom scenes for Teams meetings and share them with users. This provides an easy design experience, within the Developer portal, so developers can make meetings more engaging.
  • Media APIs and resource-specific consent, coming soon, provide developers with real-time access to audio and video streams for transcription, translation, note-taking, insights gathering and more.

Source: Microsoft

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