Microsoft updates Skype and Messaging apps for Windows 10




Microsoft has rolled out quite a few updates to its Windows 10 app suite tonight, we’ve seen Xbox get updated, the Outlook apps and Windows Camera, and now Skype and Microsoft Messaging pick up updates as well.

On Windows Phone 8.1 the app consists mostly of bug fixes, however if you have Skype Messaging preview installed a new option appears asking you if you;d prefer to make the Skype app the main Skype waypoint on your device.

The app itself has not been updated for Windows 10, still sporting its old look and missing quite a few features, however Microsoft does promise an improved Skype experience for Windows 10 so we’ll see what October brings.

In other news, Microsoft’s Messaging app also got an update. Alas, there wasn’t anything visibly new and Microsoft’s disdain for changelogs means we can only assume bug fixes and feature improvements here and there.

That being said, you can get the apps from the store links below or via the check for updates button in the store app.

Developer: Skype
Price: Free
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