Microsoft Updates 3D Printing Support In Windows 8.1

Windows 8 was the first major operating system with native support for 3D printing.  Microsoft is even selling 3D printers within retail Microsoft Stores, did partnership with MakerBot, and built a 3D Builder app.  Microsoft has seen a good response from 3D printer manufacturers supporting Windows 8.  For example, Beijing TierTime announced Windows plug-and-pay drivers for their consumer 3D Printers at CES and Autodesk delivered Meshmixer, an easy to use consumer application, with a 3D File->Print experience.

Microsoft has made a number of announcements regarding 3D printing at the Build conference.

3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) published

The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is available for download on MSDN ( 3MF is a file format that makes it possible to File->Print from an app to any supported 3D Printer on Windows. It is a file format specifically tailored for 3D Printing and Windows. 3MF supports colors, textures, scale, a print ticket containing recommended print options, and many other improvements.

Printrbot plug-and-play

Microsoft is delivering a 3D plug and play print driver for Printrbot’s new Metal Simple 3D Printer. The Printbot Metal Simple is a low-price 3D Printer that is portable, compact and friendly.

3D Builder app update

Microsoft has made a major update to the Windows Store app: Microsoft 3D Builder. 3D Builder makes it easy to customize a model and prepare it for printing. A series of Windows Phone docking stands have been added to the model catalog. 3D Builder will automatically check and fix any problems before printing.(

3D Printing Build clip_image0027_17D6AA9F

Model Repair web service

Microsoft is partnering with Netfabb to offer a Model Repair web service hosted on Azure. The website ( is free for consumer use.


Microsoft supports serious professional 3D Printing, too. Vajrang Parvate, Director of Product Development at SOLIDWORKS, talked about the professional CAD space and demonstrated a 3D File->Print experience on an upcoming version of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS prints a 3MF through the Windows 3D Print platform to any supported 3D Printer.

Microsoft 3D Printing SDK download

The Microsoft 3D Printing SDK is available for download ( from MSDN and includes both desktop and Windows Store app source code samples, device driver source code, and documentation.

A session on 3D Printing will be published on Channel 9 shortly: Watch Here

Source: Windows team blog