Microsoft touts their contributions to Chromium development.

by Surur
November 21, 2020

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It has been nearly two years since Microsoft announced that they would be giving up on the development of their EdgeHTML rendering engine and adopting Google’s open-source Chromium rendering engine.

Unlike other companies however Microsoft has not only swapped their engine to that of Google’s, but have also become enthusiastic contributors to the project.

A few days ago Microsoft PM Eric Lawrence post a slide listing Microsoft’s contributions to the project.

The slide says Microsoft has made at least 1835 changelists (one self-contained change that has been submitted to version control or which is undergoing code review) to the project from 161 Microsoft developers and contributed to the following components:

  • Accessibility
  • Battery-life improvements
  • HTML form controls
  • Media Playback
  • Canvas rendering performance
  • Windows font rendering
  • Layout
  • Scrolling
  • Editing & Virtual Keyboard
  • WebXR
  • HTML, JSON & CSS modules
  • Privacy – StorageAccess API
  • Enterprise, release quality and security improvements

Given the size of the contribution, it won’t take too much more to move Chromium from Google’s project to Google and Microsoft’s project.

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