Microsoft to reveal redesigned Surface Pen with wireless charging support – Updated with additional pictures

Early today, we posted several images of the upcoming Surface products. Microsoft is expected to officially announce these products at a press event tomorrow. The most interesting product from these leaks is the new ARM-powered Surface device. Along with this new Surface device, Microsoft will also reveal its designed Surface Pen.

As you can see from the image above, the new Surface Pen will not look like a regular pen. It will be interesting to hear why Microsoft ditched the regular round shape for this new shape.

Also, instead of AAAA battery, you will be able to charge the new Surface Pen without any wires. To charge the Surface Pen wirelessly, you will have several options. You can buy a Surface Pen wireless charger.

Or you can just place the new Surface Pen at a correct position on the Type Cover to charge it.

I really hope the new Surface Pen also supports wireless charging when magnetically attached to the side of Surface device. The current generation Apple Pencil attaches magnetically with a satisfying snap onto the side of iPad Pro for charging. Once attached, it automatically pairs with the device.

Even though the current Surface Pen feels natural during inking, I really hope Microsoft improves the latency level and precision to make it better than the Apple Pencil.

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