Microsoft tests improved Windows Store design ahead of potential Fluent Design revamp

Microsoft recently started testing some fairly major changes in the Windows Store with Windows Insiders. The company rolled out changes to the user-interface of the Windows Store over the past few days, and it brings some interesting changes. For one, the new UI is heavily card based and there are a lot of bold fonts all over the Windows Store now.

The new changes are obviously (likely) building up to a major update for the Windows Store’s user interface. Microsoft will likely start introducing a lot of Fluent Design elements in the Windows Store sometime soon, and the new design changes are likely preparing for that major update. In case you missed it, Microsoft gave an early look at what the Windows Store may look like with Fluent Design last week.

The changes are available in both Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices. Microsoft is gradually rolling out the changes to Insiders, so the update may not be available for you right now.

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