Microsoft testing tweaked user interface for Cortana in Windows 10 1809



Despite clear evidence that Microsoft is de-emphasising Cortana in Windows 10, the team continues to work on adding new features and functionality to the app.

The latest is a server-side update to the user interface of the app, which can be seen in the screenshot (via WindowsLatest) above.

As can be seen in the screenshot, the app now includes a menu bar on the top and defaults to a Top Apps list which can be used to rapidly launch your most popular apps.

New (left) vs old (right)

This emphasis on apps versus documents and activities is an interesting step back from the document- and activity-centric way Windows is generally designed to work, but may be more in line with what users actually want to see.

Microsoft is only testing the feature in some regions, and we do not know if or when it will roll out to all.

What do our readers think of the changes? Let us know below.


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