Microsoft tease Surface range for 2017 in Surface building

by Surur
July 3, 2016

surface 2017 tease 1

In Building 88, the home of the Microsoft Surface team in Seattle, Microsoft has posted some place holders indicating a new Surface range coming in 2017.

The pictures were snapped by developer Shubhan Chemburkar who was attending a Windows Insider event at Microsoft.

surface 2017 tease 2

That a new set of Surface devices is coming is of course not news, but it is of note and provides some confirmation that we should next expect new Surface tablets and laptops later this year.

There has been recent rumours that Microsoft will be delaying the launch of the Surface Book 2 to the first half of 2017 (originally planned for second-half of 2016), apparently due to delayed shipment of Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs.

Microsoft’s rumoured Surface Phone is also expected in Spring 2017 after the arrival of Redstone 2.

What is expected however is a Surface All in One PC in Q3 2016. According to the report, the device will be an alternative to the company’s Surface Book 2 device.

In some ways the news is good, as it allows the current Surface range to gather some more momentum, and allows early adopters of the Surface Book for example to upgrade in a reasonable time frame to the next version on its release. Do our readers agree, or are you eager for new hardware? Let us know below.

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