Microsoft Teams will soon make it easier to set up ad-hoc meetings


23, 2021

Microsoft is adding a new feature to Microsoft Teams that will make it easier to set up a quick meeting.

Microsoft is now making it possible to copy and share a Meet Now link without setting up a calendar appointment via a new Get Link to Share flyout.

The Office 365 roadmap notes:

Users can now copy a “Meet Now” meeting link without starting the meeting from the Calendar tab which can be used later.

The previous workflow required users to click the “New Meeting” button in the calendar tab to schedule it,  fill out all the details, including the title, date, time, meeting info sections, and more in order to share the meeting invites. The procedure in competing Google Meet and also Skype was much simpler, and now Teams will be equally convenient.

The feature is rolling out sometime this month, meaning in the next week or so.

via onMSFT

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