Microsoft Teams is feeling threatened by Zoom video conferencing solution

by Surur
March 19, 2020
teams vs zoom

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Zoom is a rapidly growing video conferencing startup which went from a niche solution to being used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, and has zoomed to prominence due to the coronavirus crisis.

Microsoft’s Teams solution has benefitted from the same crisis and has seen massive growth to more than 44 million daily users.

It appears Microsoft does not feel there is enough space for both solutions however, going by a leaked video which appears to be directed at Microsoft’s sales teams.

The video acknowledges the ease of use benefits of Zoom, and the difficulties with Microsoft Teams which may lead users to turn to another solution, and also suggests techniques Microsoft sales staff can use to retain customers.

The video does bring to mind Slack’s complaints of unsportsmanlike competition from Microsoft, but then all is fair in love and business, and the video only suggests Microsoft’s sales staff be extra helpful in the end.

It remains to be seen if Zoom can survive being targetted by Microsoft, or if like Google and Apple they will end up being even more successful.

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