Microsoft Teams is currently experiencing outage in Europe

by Anmol
March 30, 2020

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The coronavirus outbreak has seen a spike in usage of work collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack, both of which have reported an increase in usage since the crisis first began.

Today, as companies head back to work after the weekend, employees met with issues while using Microsoft Teams. According to Downdetector, the issues started around 8 AM UK time. This could be due to the surge in Teams usage due to the outbreak. However, Microsoft hasn’t released an official statement so it’s hard to determine the cause of the outage.

The Downdetector outage map shows that the issue is mostly happening in parts of Europe. The Microsoft 365 Status account hasn’t commented on the problem but we will update the article as and when more information is available. For now, if you’re experiencing the issue then you might consider switching to another platform while Microsoft works on the issue. Unfortunately, this is the second time Microsoft Teams has run into issues this month especially in Europe.

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