Microsoft Teams is coming soon to the Windows Store thanks to Microsoft Edge

We have known for months that Microsoft plans on bringing its chat-based workspace service Microsoft Teams to the Windows Store. That was announced back in November of last year, and there haven’t been any updates as to when the app will be available from the Windows Store. And now, Microsoft has finally clarified some things for us.

At the Microsoft Edge Web Summit today, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams will be coming to the Windows Store sometime soon thanks to Microsoft Edge. The company is working on adding PWA support to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 which will also enable developers to publish their PWAs as regular apps via the Windows Store. Microsoft Teams is now a Progressive Web App (PWA), which means Microsoft will be able to publish it as an app via the Windows Store in the near-future.

PWA support for Microsoft Edge is set to arrive in October for Windows Insiders, and it will likely arrive with the Windows 10 Redstone 4 release in early 2018 (around March/April). PWA support coming to Microsoft Edge is fantastic news and the fact that Microsoft is jumping on board with its own services is even better to see. We’ll just to hope that none of these things get delayed.

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