Microsoft targeting nigh club scene with latest Windows Phone 7 ad, aims for “edgier ads”

by Surur
November 2, 2010

Microsoft’s latest ad continues to push the benefits of their glancible user interface. The ad, called Nightclub really, claims the advantage of the user interface is “less, staring, more clubbing”, resulting in “less time alone”, emphasising the relationship benefits of being less involved with your smartphone, which should resonate with most people.

The ad also subtly highlights that Windows phone does in fact have apps, with Need for Speed, Amazon and Open Table prominently displayed.

Microsoft’s marketing director Philippa Snare has told The Drum that the company was aiming for an “edgier” marketing strategy, and that the market share position of Windows phone 7 meant the company was unencumbered by concerns about monopoly abuse.

“It’s something internally that we’ve always wanted to do, but because of the relationship we’ve got with the European Commission we are much more restricted in how creative we can be with our messaging than other people who aren’t necessarily scrutinised all of the time for monopolising power,” said Snare, talking about the launch of Windows Phone 7.

She also said future ads will continue to be in the same vein, with a cord of humour thrown in of course.

Have our readers noticed any increased awareness of Windows Phone 7 amongst their friends and relatives, resulting from the ads? Let us know below.

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