Microsoft talks about the reliability and performance improvements in Visual Studio “15”


With Visual Studio “15”, Microsoft has included several improvements to make developer tools easier to install, increasing performance, and enhancing developer productivity. Recently, Visual Studio team detailed the improvements they have made related to extensions. For example, If VS 15 detects a slow-performing extension, it will now display a message that identifies the extension and gives the user the opportunity to disable it. Also, Visual Studio “15” now lets you batch up extension change operations to occur at once.

A quick summary of the changes:

  • We’ve added a performance monitoring system for extensions. Customers will now see a gold notification bar when an extension is slowing load time or typing speed;
  • We now batch extension updates and installs to make it easier to install or update multiple extensions;
  • We’ve made it possible for extensions to detect and install dependent components, now that the default installation footprint of Visual Studio is much smaller;
  • We’ve made several performance improvements that have an impact on extension authors, such as lightweight solution load and NGEN support for extensions;
  • Lastly, we’ve updated the Visual Studio marketplace to make it easier to find and install extensions;

Read more about these changes in detail here.