Microsoft talks about MIDI Enhancements in Windows 10 for developers


MIDI is  arguably most important communications protocol in music production. Everything from controlling synthesizers and sequencers and changing patches for set lists, to synchronizing mixers and even switching cameras on podcasts uses a MIDI control surface. Microsoft today highlighted the audio related platform features on their Windows platform, especially their new UWP MIDI API.

  • UWP MIDI Basics – using MIDI in Windows Store apps
  • New Bluetooth LE MIDI support in Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • The Win32 wrapper for UWP MIDI (making the API accessible to desktop apps)
  • MIDI Helper libraries for C# and PowerShell

In addition to MIDI support, Windows 10 already includes number of audio-focused features like low-latency improvements to WASAPI, additional driver work with partners to opt-in to smaller buffers for lower latency on modern Windows 10 devices like Surface and phones like the 950/950xl, tweaks to enable raw audio processing without any latency-adding DSP, a new low-latency UWP Audio and effects API named AudioGraph; and more. Recently, they added support for spatial audio for immersive experiences and Thunderbolt 3 Audio devices.

Read their whole blog post here.

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