Panos Panay’s holiday greetings appear to be full of hints about Holograms

Microsoft Devices VP, Panos Panay sent out the holiday greetings to all the Microsoft Fans yesterday and it involved a short video of Surface Duo. In case you need a refresher, Microsoft showed the Surface Duo and Neo back in October. Both the devices had a hinge and will be launching in 2020.

While we don’t know much about the devices, both of them fit the bill of Andromeda which was referenced in multiple internal documents and even in the patents. Thanks to those patents and the tweet by Panos, it looks like Microsoft might be planning to incorporate holograms. According to a recent tweet by Microsoft Insider Walking Cat, the company has a couple of patents surrounding the use of holograms into smartphones and we might even see the tech in Surface Duo next year.

Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed the features or the specs of Surface Neo or Duo so there’s a chance that the company might be working on holograms and chose not to disclose. Of course, this is all speculation as Microsoft has noted on several occasions that the company is still deciding on the final hardware for both the foldable smartphones. That being said, it would be great to see holograms into Surface Duo, Neo and any other foldable phones that Microsoft plans to launch in the future.