Microsoft Sudoku Game Now Available For Download From Windows Store



Microsoft Sudoku Game

Microsoft has released their Sudoku game for Windows 8/RT devices in Windows Store. It includes 5 classic Sudoku difficulty levels to choose from and you can earn Xbox achievements, view leaderboards, and save your games in the cloud! There is also hints or optional guide functions that block duplicates, show mistakes, or enter notes for you. If you are stuck, you can ask for hints, show incorrect answers or block duplicates to get back in the game faster.


Introducing the new Microsoft Sudoku, the #1 logic puzzle game that makes the most of your Windows 8 device.

Microsoft Sudoku is the classic game you love, with a modern look and feel and exciting new features. With five difficulty levels, fresh daily challenges, achievements and leaderboards, Microsoft Sudoku provides hundreds of brain training puzzles for players of all ages.

New to Sudoku? Microsoft Sudoku is great for beginners, too and contains a full explanation on how to play as well as tips and tricks to help you improve your skill!

All Input Methods Supported:
You can input numbers using a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or even write them using a stylus.

Daily Challenges:
Keep your mind ultra-sharp with fresh new daily challenges: Irregular Sudoku uses a grid broken up into different shapes, while Symbol Sudoku replaces numbers with intriguing colors and icons. Complete enough Daily Challenges in a month to earn badges and compete with your friends.

Cloud Saves with your Microsoft Account:
Play across all your Windows 8 devices without ever losing progress. Log in with your Microsoft account and all your data will be saved in the cloud. You can resume any game exactly where you left it on any Windows 8 device that is connected to the Internet.

Hints and Guides:
Need a little help? Use hints to solve selected cells, or some of the optional guide functions that block duplicates, show mistakes, or enter notes for you.

Achievements and Leaderboards:
Sign in with a Microsoft account to earn Xbox Achievements and compete with your friends on the Sudoku Leaderboards.

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

Thanks to Vijay for the heads up.

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