Microsoft Store will soon have wish list, new navigation panel, and installation on other devices

Microsoft has been working hard to refine the Store experience for Windows 10 users and has added many new features. Now it looks like the company is on the verge of releasing a major update with many new features for Microsoft Store.

The upcoming update for Microsoft Store adds features like Wish List and a new navigation panel. You can head below to take a look at the list of upcoming changes.

  • Wish List- Wish List will allow users to save games and apps to their list so they could install or buy them in the future.
  • Navigation panel- Microsoft is testing internment a new navigation panel on PC and tablet, which will allow the user to choose category and sub-category directly to visit, from any page of the Store.
  • Installation on my devices- The new feature will allow you to install applications and games on other Windows 10 devices which share the same MSA.
  • Shopping Cart: The Shopping Cart will open after adding a game or app, and is also accessible from the Cart icon in the top right of the Store.

These new features will make it soon to the Microsoft Store. Some of these are already in testing and will be available for the public soon.

Via: Aggiornamentilumia

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