Microsoft Store removes 2K review cap for apps and games

August 10, 2022
Microsoft Store

Most of us rely on reviews when looking for a reliable app. This is also the case for everyone visiting the Microsoft Store, but the experience of reading opinions from app users in the place wasn’t so satisfying in the past due to its inability to show more than 2,000 reviews. Thankfully, Microsoft finally came to its senses this week that it is a thing that needed fixing.

Principal Architect Lead of the Microsoft Store Rudy Huyn posted a tweet on August 9 regarding the new change implemented. According to Huyn, the reason behind the previous review limit is due to “an old technical limitation.” Now, the latest fix will show the store products with the real and actual number of reviews given by the reviewers. For instance, Roblox has 66K reviews, while the Candy Crush Saga has 219K. The store will even provide the exact number of reviews posted once you go to the app listing page.

“An old technical limitation prevented the #MicrosoftStore from displaying more than 2,000 reviews per product in the past, this is something we had to fix and we are now very glad to announce that this limitation is finally gone,” announced Huyn.

The announcement is just one of the latest changes Microsoft introduced in the Microsoft Store. Recently, the company released the Windows 11 digital licenses available in the store and removed the waitlist for developers submitting unpackaged Win32 applications. The store also made noise last month when it announced a policy change implying that the store would prohibit the sales of OSS apps. Microsoft later made some adjustments to the policy, pointing out that it only meant to target copycats.

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