Microsoft starts shipping pre-ordered Surface Studios


If you’re lucky enough to have purchased a Surface Studio shortly after launch, check your emails, Microsoft has apparently begun shipping those pre-orders this week.

Turret reports that some early purchasers have received an email notifying them that their package has been processed and will be out for delivery the week of November 21 (this week).

The Surface Studio has already been reviewed this past week, with critics praising its beautiful design and gorgeous screen but panning it for its high price and relatively long in the tooth internals (which links back to the price).

Ultimately, the biggest question potential Surface Studio buyers should face is not whether they want it, but whether they need it. The breadth of the Windows ecosystem already contains several beautiful All in Ones already, many of which are already suited towards the general consumer and are already cheaper.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio inhabits a unique space, much like its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, as a device which is a derivative of a main stream product (laptops for the Surface Book, ultra books for the Surface Pro) but being laser focused towards a particular demographic – in this case creatives like artists and archaeologists. Anyone can love and use this product, but it would be most valuable in the hands of someone who uses it to its potential.

You can still purchase the Surface Studio from Microsoft’s store link here, but deliveries are now slated for early 2017.