Microsoft starts compiling the first Windows 10 ‘Redstone 3’ builds

February 22, 2017

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Windows 10 “Redstone 3” is set to be the next big update to Windows 10 after last year’s Anniversary Update (codenamed “Redstone/Redstone 1”). The Creators Update (codenamed “Redstone 2”), which is set to be released this April, is more of a minor update to Windows 10 — similar to the Windows 10 November Update (codenamed “Threshold 2”) from 2015. As some of you may already know, the next major update for Windows 10 is internally codenamed “Redstone 3″ and Microsoft will set a consumer-friendly name for the update once we get closer to its release later this year.

[shunno-quote align=”right”]Windows 10 Build 15141 is one of the first Redstone 3 builds[/shunno-quote]

With the release of Windows 10 Creators Update coming up in several weeks, Microsoft has started compiling the first Windows 10 “Redstone 3” builds. As reported by Windows build-tracking website BuildFeed, Microsoft has compiled Windows 10 Build 15141 from the rs_prerelease branch internally — and it’s one of the first Redstone 3 builds.

As for the Windows 10 Creators Update or Redstone 2, Microsoft has moved its development to the rs2_release branch as the company is getting ready to release the Creators Update now that it’s feature locked. Microsoft will continue to make fixes and improvements to the Creators Update before its wide release in April on the rs2_release branch, and it’ll continue working on Redstone 3 in the rs_prerelease branch in the meantime.

Microsoft is yet to officially talk about the Redstone 3 update, but the software giant confirmed that it’s working on a second update for Windows 10 in 2017 earlier this week. Windows 10 Redstone 3 is going to introduce quite a lot of things to Windows 10 — firstly, I have been hearing for a while that Microsoft is planning to introduce Windows 10’s improved design (codenamed “Project NEON”) with Redstone 3. In addition to NEON, Microsoft will also likely introduce the new Composable Shell and other features with the Redstone 3 release.

[shunno-quote align=”left”]Build 2017 is going to be exciting[/shunno-quote]

We’ll definitely know more about what Microsoft plans to do with Redstone 3 at Build 2017 in May, where the company is expected to show off Project NEON along with some of the other features coming to Windows 10 with Redstone 3. Build 2017 is going to be really exciting. And in case you’re wondering, Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 Redstone 3 in Fall 2017 — probably around the end of September/early October.

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