Microsoft shows the Zune HD more love, delivers 9 new apps


3, 2011


Microsoft is well know for supporting their platforms long after anyone else would have closed the book on them.

The future of the Zune HD has been in doubt for some time, but Microsoft has continued to deliver applications to the platform, following up its release from a month ago with 9 new app, 6 games and 3 utilities, and also updating 3 more.

The new apps are:

  • Finger Paint
  • Calendar
  • Slider Puzzle
  • Color Spill
  • Vine Climb
  • Decoder Ring
  • Tug-O-War
  • Trash Throw
  • Splatter Bug

Email, Echoes and Penalty! Flick Soccer also saw updates.

According to this brings the ZuneHD app catalogue up to 62 apps, which is not exactly a lot, but may provide some extra entertainment during those long flights where phones are forbidden.


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